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A failed hero New beginning

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Kala " Here are your gifts( talent)

Memory - Never miss anything ( Victors life history)m

Omniscience(passive ) - knowledge and rational mind (???)

Omnipotence - power(???)

Xavier " Wait .. thats it "

An oppressive aura fell on Xavier threatening to devour its very existence. Xaviers soul was on the verge of breaking up . Cracks started forming on it .

All Xavier felt was darkness ..... Even without body and mind what he felt was fear . He was on the ground made of red cloud.

At that vey instant his whole existence was broken , endlessly stretched to the very breaking point .

Then everything stop . It looked like God took pity on him . He gnashed his teeth for feeling so insignificant.

Kala " What do you think where you are you insignificant creature. Do you want everything on a silver plate . Grow up"

" Life will not go as planned. Whether you live or die are neither my concern"

" You got the greatest gift of living again . What more you want . "

Xavier knew What he saw and felt . The god wasn playing around any more . He felt like his very whole existence was for mere entertainment. He never felt humiliated as such .

Even though he felt humiliated he never once thought of revenge because even Victor on rank SSS will not even able to stand in front of him .

Even he will be wipe out in an instant . Now I know the true fear of gods .

I have many questions but for not once the flow went according to me .

All I know is when the time will be right he will tell me few thing if he want .

Siting on his throne he is looking like an overlord of time and space like he already know the future.

I know he is bored looking at his face . Like he already know the result of this cycle .

For him I am like an ant ..... Worse my existence is even less than an ant .

I laughed inside . I know I don have a choice . Whether I choose or not i don have a choice to begin with .

Its like erase your existence or fight with the demon king and die .

What a fu**in joke Xavier thought .

Kala asked " So want to know anything before going "

Xavier" yeah .. will I be reborn as a baby ."

Kala " No we don have much time. So will start from the interval "

"Its like I have already created a vessel. All you have to do now is fill it "

"Your souls remnant part was already in the world but now when the cycle start you will start from a certain point "

" So lets start"

Xavier " ok "

At this very moment it felt like the space was tore apart and time start rewinding. The sheer scale of time reversal and power which was poured by the god looked like without even an effort.

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