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A failed hero A Failed Hero : Beginning and end

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Central city , Agrron (Human Kingdom)

Blood , death and destruction wherever I saw , all I am seeing is carnage .

Bodies are piling up , demons are killing everyone so why !!!!! why !!!!! why is this happening.

"Why can I save anyone . Why can I be strong. Why did my family have to die ."

"Answer me what did I do wrong . "

"Victor ", in his desperation shouted so loud .

"The Demon King - Bali "laughed at Victor so hard for his foolish behaviour .

Demon king enjoyed every moment of his desperation.

He picked Victor from his neck and said " You couldn save anyone because you were weak . Hahahahahah"

" Look at you wailing here . Look at the sky and ask your gods will they grant you salvation"

" You who faught so hard but couldn save his family . What is the reason you wish to be strong."

"You wanted to save people but couldn save your family"

" Isn this hypocrisy.You wanted to be hero but for what purpose "

"Your foolishness is immeasurable.You trusted those who backstabed you. Why did you gave them other chance at life"

" They are the people who betrayed you and you are paying the price "

"If only you weren desperate and stubborn"

" But in the end even a wise one at his wits end will take the hand of murderer"

Victor listened to demon king .He wished to be free from this role of hero . He also wished someone to save him . But who.

He prayed to his god ( ???) . He also wanted to be free. But the demons , world government, people and their hope , never let him rest .

He couldn even attend his familys funeral . Just because he got some power he became arrogant. No-one in younger generation was his rival .

He was a polite kid but who wouldn be proud and have little arrogance for a one in a million prodigy.

Who could blame him . Who wouldn be proud on their own .

But to see him the worlds strongest hero in this pathetic state he laughed to himself .

Then the Demon King them him on the ground.

Demon King - Bali looked at him and said " I am bored so any last words "

Victor "....."

Demon King - Bali " Ok then ..... Goodbye . Worlds last saviour "

A claw pierced through his chest with a pumping heart on the demon kings hand .

Demon from Duke to mere soldiers all were shouting " Hail ..... The Demon King "

( Scene end)


" So what do you think " God of time and space(???) asked Xavier.

Xavier- "" Who are you . What is this place and who is this Victor. And why am I here . I should be dead "

God of time and space (???) - " The person you saw is chosen as protector by the King of new gods . He is Victor Swan . He is a candidate you can say or he is a chosen one "

" And for you Xavier you are here because of me . I have summoned you into my very own domain"

"All of your questions will be solved with time but this is what I can tell you now "

" Let me tell you from the start. --------

" Its said that even before the time universe was formed there were 3 gods called the Progenitor gods . They were

God of creation - One who created this universe you me and everything

God of preservence - Who protect this world nothing can go unnoticed from him

God of destruction- who destroys everything, he who rules over life and death of everything "

" Then the High gods came - which were given life during the creation of universe "

"They were like parents from whom we arised"

" And we are the very known new gods"

" We are the ones to whom you pray . So do you understand "

Xavier thought to himself and asked .

"My questions are still unanswered. Why the hell am I here . I died and now I am here in this place who are you where am i . And what all of this have to do with me "

(???) Said " Well I am the god of space and time - Kala"

" You are dead and currently will face punishment or reincarnate in other world "

" And for why are you here is because we and other gods have a duty to answer the prayers of people. Its a law made by the High gods. All gods give power to people , while for me its that I am bored now I chose you as my gift to be in the new world "

" You see you are 134 candidate to the new cycle "

Xavier was stunned and then asked " what do you mean by 134 candidate"

Kala said " well all the other 133 candidate are dead . So the count goes on "

Xavier " what do you mean by new cycle"

Kala " Quite observant huh .... Well this cycle of descent of demon king is repeated for 200 times already"

Xavier" what the hell..... Then you started selecting your candidate from 66 cycle ."

Kala " well yes ... So choose reincarnate or punishment afterall everyone has to face their crimes"

Xavier" What crimes , in my past life I was an average student .. and you are telling me i am so special in those 7 billion people . Don make me laugh"

Kala - " Don be mistaken to think of yourself as Saint. You and me both know about what I am talking."

"You are a like fox ,quite observant and clever .You are searching for a way out right now . You are not even believing whether its a dream or reality."

"Even now when you are dead you want to know why only you got a chance huh ...."

Then a heavy pressure descended on Xavier one that speaks volume of authority

Kala " Xavier why ,when ,where and how are not important. If you want any answer then may be if I see you doing Ill answer them but right now you choose . Life or permanent death "

" Choose fast Xavier you don have much time because the cycle is starting soon "

Xavier " I choose to reincarnate"

Kala " Ok ... Then here are your gifts "

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