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237 Birthday

Ning Yue walked into the courtyard with a frown.

Old Madam Ning, who was busy, saw her and called out to her, “Yueyue, what are you thinking about”

“Grandma,” Ning Yue greeted.

She walked to Old Madam Nings side.

“Grandpa has been troubled by Great Uncle Wu Chang recently.

I was wondering if there was anything that could make Grandpa happy.”

At the mention of the Wu Chang, Old Madam Ning sighed.

“Your grandfather was too close to him, so after he passed away, he took good care of the Liu family.

Its my fault.

At that time, I thought that they had a way without looking for us.”

“If I had asked a few more questions, the outcome might have been different.” Old Madam Ning also fell into guilt.

“Grandma, dont think about it.

Its all in the past.

We have to move forward when we live.

Grandma, what should I do to make you happy” Ning Yue tilted her head and asked.

“What a good child.

You dont have to do anything special.

But when you mention it, I remember that its your grandfathers birthday in a few days.

We can take this opportunity to have a good time.”

Hearing Old Madam Nings words, Ning Yue immediately had an idea.

She had planned to take advantage of Old Master Nings birthday to liven things up so that Old Master Ning would no longer be immersed in the past.

This mission was supposed to be given to Jiang Ying, but on second thought, it was better for her to do it herself.

“Oh, Grandma, thank you so much.

Ive thought of what to do.” As she spoke, Ning Yue hugged Old Madam Ning and kissed her on the cheek.

Old Madam Ning was stunned as she watched Ning Yue run out happily.

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“How childish.” Old Madam Ning smiled and shook her head.

Ning Yue first went to the brewery and asked the workers to hurry up and put the wine that had been brewed in three days in a unique bottle.

She even specially found a few decanters from her space for red wine.

Ning Yue had prepared a lot of barley wine and red wine.

She also planned to find a gift for Old Master Ning in the jewelry shop in the space.

After making sufficient preparations, it was Old Master Nings birthday in a few days.

Perhaps because he had been in a low mood recently, Old Master Ning had forgotten that today was his birthday.

After he left, many people came to greet him and say their well wishes to him, confusing him.

It was not until he arrived at the oil press that Old Master Ning heard the workers say that it was his birthday.

Ning Yue had long instructed the workers in the oil press to knock off early.

The workers envied Old Master Ning for having a capable granddaughter like Ning Yue.

She was not his biological granddaughter, but she could remember all the good things about the Ning family.

Everyone liked such a grateful woman.

If not for the fact that Ning Yue was engaged, they might have gone to propose marriage.

Old Master Ning only knew now that Ning Yue was holding a birthday banquet for him.

Recalling Ning Yues mysterious appearance a few days ago, Old Master Ning felt that Ning Yue was probably preparing a surprise for him.

Thinking about how depressed he had been these past few days, he should have made the Ning family feel bad, right

They wanted to comfort him, but he said he wanted some peace and quiet.

They must be worried about him.

It was his fault.

He shouldnt be immersed in the past.

Since he felt guilty, it was not impossible for him to take good care of the families of Wu Chang in the future.

At the thought of this, Old Master Ning perked up again.

After thinking it through, his entire spirit and appearance were different.

After working for half a day, he asked the workers in the oil press to knock off early before he slowly returned home.

The Ning family was very lively now.

In order to make Old Master Ning happy, Ning Yue had invited almost everyone in Laifu Village.

She was now a noble of Laifu Village.

Almost everyone she invited had arrived at the Ning family.

When Jiang Ying saw this situation, he couldnt help but smile.

He had brought a few people over.

If Ning Yue saw these people, she would definitely be happy!

Ning Yue being happy was his greatest wish.

At the thought of this, Jiang Ying couldnt help but glance at Ning Yue.

Seeing that she was greeting guests, he walked over to help.

Being personally received by the heir of Prince Jin, the villagers of Laifu Village were flattered.

All of them felt as if they were walking on clouds.

“Jiang Ying, thank you,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

Ning Yue had prepared 30 tables, but there were many guests.

For example, she had invited the village chief of Laifu Village, Yang Guang.

His family was here, and almost all the tables were filled.

Thirty tables were not enough.

In the end, fifty tables were added, and all the guests filled the space.

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